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Measuring Co-Branding Options for Optimal Market Share and Revenue

The Client's Situation

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The Challenge

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Approach + Solution

Phoenix MI conducted a thorough quantitative study where multiple co-branding options were measured

The research employed a monadic design (where each respondent fully evaluated only one concept), but then other concepts were shown and ranked for a secondary preference given all options.

As pricing research is highly sensitive to bias (especially when the respondent feels they could influence the actual pricing of the product), pricing questions were “derived” by using techniques that present potential prices in a deliberate and rotated order and ask when a price becomes too expensive so a ceiling can be identified.

These data points allowed for calculations for each brand that identified the prices that optimize revenue.


Our pricing analysis showed two clear potential winners in terms of demand, with one concept producing significantly more revenue.

The client was able to incorporate this information into their internal planning and their discussions with the two potential partners for negotiation purposes.

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