brand Case Study

Making a Powerful Impact on an Olympic Stage

The Client's Situation

American football game in play

The Challenge

View of a road trip from inside the car.

Approach + Solution

We deployed our End-to-End Communications Development strategy and Pre-Testing solution to determine the best outcome

Two executions (‘Fans V1’ and ‘Fans V2’) were tested using our proprietary AdPi® Copy Testing solution to determine which asset should be used for launch, in addition to identifying any areas of optimization. V1 included an explicit reference to the Olympics while V2’s reference was more implicit.


A clear path for the direction forward was presented and the desired messaging came through loud and clear in-market.

Phoenix Brand Effect results uncovered media and competitive challenges in-market, with overall validation of expected results, including creative improvements recognized by AdPi®, our holistic solution that informs at each stage of creative development.

We determined the best way to improve brand linkage was to make the brand vehicle’s role more prominent in the storyline, and if there was not time to modify the creative, then it is critical that repeat frequency via the right media strategy be achieved.

A road running through the forest with a beam of sunlight shining through
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