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Comprehensive Global Brand Health Evaluation for Diabetes: 9 Brands, 19 Countries

The Client's Situation

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The Challenge

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Approach + Solution

Phoenix MI designed the project to address four specific challenges: Qualified Respondents, Methodology, Data Collection and Analysis
  1. Qualified Respondents. The nature of diabetic care is that patients turn to both General Practitioners (GP’s) and Specialists. Therefore, we included both types in our research; grand total: 2,500+ doctors.
  2. Methodology. We conducted an extensive quantitative survey in each country. We then completed a qualitative telephone (and face-to-face in selected countries) interviews with about 250 physicians to dig deeper.
  3. Data Collection. Most surveys in the quantitative phase were conducted online, but in response to cultural and technological differences, we conducted the surveys face-to-face in several countries.
  4. Analysis. The study was replicated over multiple years to track changes in the brands’ health. We also conducted an analysis of stated and derived importance to understand the disconnects between factors related to diabetes drugs that physicians said were important vs. what their behavior indicated was actually important to them.


Phoenix provided an extensive global brand report that the client was able to use for all major marketing decisions moving forward

The global report focused on each brand, as well as individual country-level reports, to assist in-country brand management, which was relied on by Brand Managers.

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