brand Case Study

Analyzing Sponsorship Impact with a Multi-Faceted Approach

The Client's Situation

Crowded stadium seats at a game

The Campaign

A view of a baseball fiels from the grass level in outfield

Approach + Solution

Phoenix utilized a multi-faceted approach to understand the two levels of sponsorship impact: Attendees and a National Survey.

We conducted on-site research to gain a true understanding of the impact among the attendees, or ‘those on the ground’.  We sought to understand if they remembered the sponsors, participated in the client-branded activities, and if it changed their feelings. The National survey provided an additional layer that their previous supplier did not – layering on the broader impact of the sponsorship among the Gen Pop/’Fans’. This allowed a benchmark for comparison and a deeper understanding of the potential broader impact outside the individual events, especially since there was some level of TV advertising beyond what was in the arenas.


The client was able to successfully understand the impact of the sponsorship

The client was able to compare attendee sentiment at both tournaments and learn that the different levels of signage at each event may have played a role in the overall sponsorship awareness. The National survey then provided a broader context that showed more TV support may be needed to truly move the needle among the Gen Pop/Fans.

Cheering fans at a baseball game

Final Word

The client walked away with a deeper understanding of the potential broader impact outside the individual events.
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