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Phoenix PromoPi™

Phoenix PromoPi™, a model based on our proprietary ad testing platform (Promotion Performance Indicator) was developed with one goal in mind: to help your show stand out from the rest.

PromoPi™ can help you:

  • Understand how a promo’s attributes and elements impact show viewership and network image;
  • Analyze each spot compared to a developed model which indicates to what degree the various elements drive viewership within the market;
  • Stay informed on WHAT is (not) working with your messaging, and WHY it’s not working;
  • Measure each promotion within a competitive context at the program/creative level and by using genre based norms;
  • Improve program engagement;
  • Manage, or “tweak”, your program/brand image to adapt in a fluid environment;
  • Maximize your spend allocation efficiently;
  • Get the best “bang for your buck”, and hit your target!

See PromoPi in action.

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