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Monthly Automotive Spotlight: September 2019

As summer transitions to autumn, many automotive advertisers transition from sales events to model and brand-focused messaging. This month, we feature three nationally airing television ads with strong Breakthrough that also resonated with consumers.

Be sure to check-in regularly, as each month we will spotlight another area of interest in automotive marketing and communications.

Featured Campaigns:

  • Chevrolet: Packed House
  • Range Rover Sport: The Dragon Challenge
  • Subaru Forester: For All You Love

Chevrolet: Packed House

First detected August 1, 2019

Using a real people theme and spokesperson that Chevy has consistently (and effectively) leveraged for years, which in part explains the strong Brand Linkage, Packed House brings JD Power into the mix to underscore quality and trust messaging.

Range Rover Sport: The Dragon Challenge

First detected February 2, 2018

Land Rover launched this ad in early 2018, and has wisely given it media attention at different points in time — most recently, last month. As Land Rover ads are wont to do (capability-performance focused, unique situations), brand association was impressively high.

Subaru Forester: For All You Love

First detected February 15, 2019

Subaru has been one of the industry’s strongest advertisers in recent years, owed to a consistent application of emotional and relatable themes, often rooted in vehicle safety and longevity. Forester’s For All You Love works straight from this playbook — an ad first detected earlier this year, and given more attention in September.

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