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Latest NFL Ad Insights: Top Ads Featuring NFL Players & Personalities

November 19, 2021

We’re back with the latest insights into the performance of the top ads* that air during the NFL games, using data from Phoenix Brand Effect. As the NFL season continues, we are seeing more contextual ad spots enter the top 10.

Subway has increased its dominance in the top 10 this week by adding their “Marshawn Press Conference” ad. Most notable, however, is the impressive branding that these five ads are delivering. Not only are all five ads are performing well above the norm for Brand Linkage, but the Subway ads hold some of the best branding of the entire lineup.

Old Navy’s “BODEQUALITY” is still holding strong, with the top Ad memorability score at 64% (norm 45%). However, due to Subway’s strength in branding, they lost the number one spot.

A new entrant to the top 10 is Amazon with “Meet Ernesto.” This heartwarming ad tells the story of one of its employees and how the company helped him study to become a nurse. The story-telling nature of the ad helped it become more memorable, and the consistent brand cues helped bump up their Brand Linkage to 77% (22 percentage points above the norm.)

Keeping the Momentum Going

Thanksgiving is one of the most-watched football days of the season, and you can bet your last slice of pumpkin pie that we’ll be watching too. Stay tuned after the Holiday for advertising insights from all of the games (as well as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!)



*Our in-market measurement rankers use data from Phoenix Brand Effect, measuring ad performance based on Brand Memorability (the percentage of viewers that remember both the ad’s content and the advertised brand.) Brand Memorability is calculated by taking into account an ad’s Ad Memorability (the percentage of an ad’s natural in-home viewers who are able to remember its content the next day) and Brank Linkage (of those viewers who remember an ad’s content, the percentage that also remember the advertised brand.)

For more information about how we track and measure an ad or brand’s performance in-market, contact us!

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