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Latest NFL Ad Insights: Top 10 NFL Ads (Oct 6)

October 6, 2020

With the first few weeks of the NFL season in the books, we used Phoenix Brand Effect to pull a ranking of the Top 10 Performing TV Ads (based on ad memorability) for our latest NFL Ad Insights.

As the season progresses, we are beginning to see a trend emerging among the top contenders. As we shared last week, contextual ad spots (ads that feature NFL players and personalities) are on the rise this season, with 5 of the top 10 ads being contextual. These contextual ads (from Subway and State Farm) are new and airing primarily (if not solely) in the games, but are garnering Ad Memorability on par with the Geico and AT&T ads that are well established, having aired well before the NFL season and often outside of games. This speaks to the strength of a contextual ad generating synergy with the environment.

Check out the full ranking below!

Keeping the Momentum Going

The strong ads highlighted in our initial NFL Ad Insights post continue to appear here, and the same themes apply. Subway and State Farm each had multiple ads rise to the top, which are cleverly integrating NFL talent and themes into the ads while making sure they are unique and fit with their brand image. In other words, these brands are not letting the NFL overshadow their brand, but rather doing a smart partnership or integration.

Look out for more insights from Phoenix with our NFL Ad Insights!

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