Electric Vehicle Advertising: No Clear Winners Yet

With today’s heightened awareness of our impact on the environment and a more sustainable future, consumers’ interest in electric vehicles began to accelerate in 2020, which has coincided with a higher level of advertising activity. However, despite more brands flooding the market, none have managed to “crack the code” to become the dominant voice in EV advertising.

When we look at the advertisers in this market, we have yet to see any clear winners, as most brands struggle with being either memorable or well-branded in-market.

  • GMC’s high Branding is likely due to Hummer EV’s large scale launch campaign
  • Ford’s Branding was lifted by their 2020 ad pledging support for Americans and the planet; it also benefited from consistency with other Built for America ads
  • Audi performed only average, despite successful Super Bowl ads. Results were also likely dampened by the off-brand 2019 Not for You ad
  • Chevrolet Bolt ads also performed at average, but their Branding was low overall due to their Just Better ad, which lacked strong brand cues
  • Porsche and GM both had their performances lifted by their Super Bowl LIV spots

Phoenix MI has been closely tracking and analyzing trends in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market since 2018 and anticipate EV’s (and likewise, their advertising) to increase their prevalence in the Automotive market in the coming years, and have been tailoring our research to cater to this new, emerging market.

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